“Truth does not exist on its own, but is instead found between a clash of ideas and personalities.”


DEFYE is a label that represents the search for meaning beyond routine. It began with the founding artist, Michael Defye Doherty, traveling the world as a drifter for ten years, living in hostels and rebelling against the system.  He finally ended up in California where he quit his job, sold everything he owned, and moved into an RV on the streets that he bought from a rock band for $2,000.

He worked in exclusive Hollywood clubs, mental hospitals, prisons, construction and architecture firms along the way, learning all he could about the human condition and what makes us who we are.  He earned his undergrad in architecture from Ball State, and started a PhD program in Social Psychology at MSU to help him continue his exploration of society. After all he had experienced, he came to the following conclusion:


“To define your own existence, sometimes you must DEFYE the world around you.”



The purpose of the DEFYE brand is to bring together those who search for the truth, to create conversation and engage our minds. It is to create a lifestyle that is beyond illusion, one that can be a beacon of strength for future generations.

DEFYE began with no investors and little capital to start, but there was a vision and a will to find the way to make it happen. In the beginning, Michael brought the screen printing process in house (literally) by baking his first runs of printed shirts in a kitchen oven.  Only a few years later, the label began to compete in the same international markets as other mega-million dollar clothing labels. The label currently does much of their manufacturing in the USA, and 100% of the printing in-house.

We have received media coverage in Business Weekly, Capital Gains Media, and several other publications. We sponsor many well-known bands and athletes.

With a very strong online following, the label continues to expand daily.  Stay in touch by liking the fanpage on Facebook, or hook yourself up with some bracelets to pass out and spread the word.

Thanks for your support, and all the best with your own journey!