"Quest For Truth crew


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➤ Charcoal grey crew neck with “Quest for Truth” print in white ink. Concept deals with searching for Truth.  Mastering the depths of our minds (an ocean) to reach the heights of humanity.  Featuring a unique piece written by the artist in the middle of the night while living in an attic. (What he would choose to put in a time capsule):

➤"A warning for future generations: (the fight for sanity) To remove yourself from slavery you must first question the world around you. But the further you question, the less will make sense.  The sword of truth and the shields against illusions bring with them a growing sense of isolation and alienation.  Never surrender the battle to define your own existence."

➤ Extremely soft Tri-blend fabric

➤ all items are 100% handmade and produced by DEFYE, therefore item may vary slightly from image shown